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Cushion-Cut Diamonds

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Cushion-cut diamonds are more popular than they have ever been — everybody’s rockin’ these rocks, from Rhianna to tons of other celebs in Hollywood. Its rounded corners (like a pillow, which is where the name comes from) along with its larger facets make these diamonds stand out from the crowd.

Cushion-cut diamonds have a very classic look and come in all shapes and sizes, from nearly square to long rectangles. Finding the right one really comes down to personal taste. There are a two main types to choose from:

“Antique” or “Chunky” cut diamonds have clear facet patterns when looking down at the diamond. They tend to be more clean-cut, symmetrical and well defined. Antique cuts are the most popular of the cushions.

“Crushed-ice” or “Sparkling Water” cuts do not have a clear faceting pattern when looking down at the diamond. Instead they have a more random arrangement of facets that really does make it looked like crushed-ice or sparkling water, hence the name.

Most recommend a cut rating of Excellent or Very good, but if you’re on a budget Good ratings work as well. Changing up the length to width ratio will offer a more square or more rectangular look.

What’s important to know is that sometimes the cushion-cuts are defined by their “standard cut” or their “modified cut”, but don’t worry too much about that distinction. The difference is in the way they are traditionally cut, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference in appearance. Go by the magnified pictures of the diamond rather than what a certificate may say.

At the end of the day, don’t be too bogged down by the different names and go with your gut on what looks best. Slide any of these cushion-cuts on and you’ll be shining bright like a diamond in no time.

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